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Mario, Link, Kirby and Pikachu fighting!


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Jul 10th, 2020

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Super Smash Land is a classic version of Super Mash Bros for Nintendo 64, adapted for the PC and with the look of the games from the first Gameboy.

Instead of having the full range of characters, you will only have Mario, Link, Kirby, and Pikachu to start, plus a couple of hidden characters that will join the party when you complete the game.

The mechanics are the same as in the original title: you have to hit your enemies to increase your percentage and knocking them out of the game, before they do the same to you. You can play either against the computer or a friend. Also, the game supports keyboard commands.

Super Smash Land is very fun independent game, with lovely graphics and a gameplay that never goes out of style.
Reviewed by Álvaro Toledo Translated by Ashley Thornton

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License Free
Op. System Windows
Category Action
Language English
Author Dan Fornace
Downloads 104,519
Date Jul 10th, 2020
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Sep 16th, 2011

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valent1 in 2019

Can we buy it in game boy cartridges. Thank you


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